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May. 24th, 2005 @ 10:52 am (no subject)
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So TAssy on the wseekend!!!

HOw awesome it was. both of us were filthy rich and so we booked into a very nice hotel. and much "fun" was had... well yeah, so nice. went to the market on saturday, ate heaps of market food, and wandered up and down the rows, tassy is so small, Rob "bumped" into like 11 of his mates in less then 2 hours. freaky as. So i have met all the rabble, adn they are all very cool. Sunday we checked out then went and had the biggest breakest out at ZUM, a place where a friend named rundle works. STAR WARS was seen next, both of us were alittle disapointed, so had to have fish and chips covered in gravely. bummed around the docks, in which i succeded in pulling my boys back muscles.. oppps.

at salamanca there was this mug store with names on them, we didn't but we should have bought the mugs that said Old tart and toyboy.

He is stayign at my house thursday-monday, coz his mother is kicking all the boys out of th ehouse and having a girls weekend.

I=pod should arrive today. got called yesterday, but both roba nd i were at chaddy eating more food.

hope to have our film developed of tassy when i get payed.

yeap thats all
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