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May. 5th, 2005 @ 03:19 pm NEWS FLASH
Current Mood: coldColdly complacent
Do you wanna know something funny

my ex is a complete arsehole, this came to me when i was traveling home from uni with my now boyfriend. or as he puts it, he is a complete plank. i have never met a more selfish, proniod person in all my fucking life. i never really said anything against him, and wouldn't get drawn into convos about him, but now i open it to all seasons. anybody you are welcome to give him as much crap as you like. People respect people who help themselves.

And baby EVERY minute i was with you I FELT USED!!!

i actually feel better now.

never again was engraved on his present too, just as a reminder not to make friends with fucked up proniod people.
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